Berea Baptist Church
Athens, Alabama


Hi! My name is Pastor Pat Lawrence; I have the privilege of leading a great congregation at Berea Baptist Church.  I do not know what you are looking for in a church, but, let me share what you will find here at Berea:

First, a song service that is Christ honoring.  We still believe that the second greatest book given is the Hymn Book.  We mix our traditional hymns with some praise choruses.  Our songs are scriptural and we believe they are acceptable to honor Jesus Christ.

Next, we believe the Bible to be the complete, inerrant Holy Word of God.  We read, teach, and preach God’s Holy Word with no apologies.  We believe our services should be challenging and uplifting and exciting in Christ. Today, with so many gimmicks and so much liberalism, we still preach Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven and only the blood of Jesus can cleanse our sins.

I believe you will find a warm, friendly, caring place that you will want to be a part of.

May God Bless You,

Pastor Pat Lawrence